Tuesday, March 2

Movie Review: Motherhood

If you are a mom, you must see this movie. I thought it was hilarious!

Uma Thurman plays the role of Eliza, a stay at home mom in NYC who was once an up and coming fiction writer and would like to retain and regain a piece of that former self in her current mothering role.

(**By the way, I thought the movie was SO funny that I'm going to give a copy away to one lucky person who leaves a comment on this post...see my notes at the end!)

I thought Thurman did a fantastic job conveying the frantic, tiring, frenzy that mommy life can be. Perhaps I connected so well with the film because in many ways it felt autobiographical for me...a woman who feels like she is struggling to find the space and time, in the midst of hundreds of menial daily tasks, to hold onto some version of herself that would like to be moving forward as a writer...who is so grateful for the opportunity to be a mother, but who struggles with the sacrifices that are often made in creativity and personal growth.

In one of the interviews included in the "extras" on the DVD Thurman talks about her desire to do this movie because of the nature of these issues being so universal to the mothering experience-- how when you are at home with small children, completely immersed in taking care of them, you feel like you have fallen down a rabbit hole of sorts...and that you eventually come out of it asking where you have been and what just happened?!

That completely resonates with me! I feel a bit disconnected from the world, from life, from trends, from fashions, from the life I formerly knew. I have often said to Scott that I feel as if I've been sucked into a whirlwind, blown out to sea, and while I don't know when the wind is going to set me down, I do know that when it does I'm not going to be the same person I was before, and that I may look a little worse for the wear!

All that said, the majority of the reviews I read were not very favorable...I was really surprised! People said it did not depict modern parenthood, that Uma was merely a nutcase throughout the entire movie, that the movie was a bunch of whining about the life of motherhood and not a realistic statement.

REALLY?!! People, either you do not have children, or my own life really is much more harried, frantic and crazy than all of the other parents/mothers in the world, because I thought it was one of the funniest, wittiest and real portrayals of motherhood I've seen since becoming a mother! That said, it was perhaps a little satirical at times, but that's part of the fun of the movie!

 Perhaps the experience is not as universal as the writer/director thought it would be... and if it is not, well, then she at least has one other crazy here on her boat who has had a similar experience and understands where she is coming from.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

(***I'm going to send a free copy of this movie to one lucky commenter!! Leave a comment below (before midnight on Friday), either about the movie if you've seen it, or about your feelings on parenthood...anything you want to say! I'll randomly draw one name on Saturday morning and send you copy of the movie! FYI: If you publish your comment "anonymously", please include your name in your post so that I know who you are! Also, if you get a message that says "request could not be processed after you hit "publish post", just hit "publish post" again and it usually goes through.)


  1. Haven't seen the movie, but sounds like I would like it...don't think you are alone! I think those reviewers must not have kids! LOL. (Lisa)

  2. Hey! I totally feel like I'm in the rabbit hole. Someone asked me how old I was and since one year olds don't ask mommies such tough questions I sputtered my pre-Lil age (not even trying to fib). Bob was so "kind" to point out that I wasn't 28 going on 29, but really 29 going on 30!!!!!!! UGH! I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. See you Wednesday!

  3. Sounds like a must-see for me! Thanks for the recommemdation. When I do get time to sit down for a movie, I'd like it to be one someone else enjoyed, too! By the way, wjen will YOUR screenplay be finished? I'd love to see that movie! :)

  4. Ha, ha Mindy...I'd like to see that movie too-- that would be a crack up! I'll have to stop writing blogs to find time to write that though!

  5. Most days I feel like i am struggling to just keep my head above water! Lisa you told me that having two children is just as hard as you think its going to be...but there are some days that are actually easier than you thought it would be. so true. i am grateful for those days that it seems "wow this isnt so bad". thankful for a sister who encourages me to step outside the box, forget the dirty laundry and enjoy my children and this time of life!


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