Monday, March 8

Loose Ends

So, just a couple of quick loose ends...

1. I just spent an hour typing my 1/2 Marathon Monday blog, only for blogger to get all weird on me and say "bad request" when I tried to publish it, and now 3/4 of it is gone!! Argh...I will re-type and re-post later today...such is life! Funny, it was/is about positive thinking!!! 

2. Mindy Sauer is the winner of the Motherhood movie!! Yeah, Mindy! There was nothing fancy about the process...I put 4 names on 4 scraps of paper, drew one out and Mindy it was! Mindy, you'll have to email me your address....a quick disclaimer; my sister saw the movie and was not as in love with it as I was, which affirms my possible fears that my life as a mom is crazier than others, which is why I connected so much to the movie! oh well. 

more to come later...children have awoken and dinner must be made... Ciao!  

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, thanks, Lisa!! That is very sweet of you! :) I'll be excited to watch it!


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