Tuesday, March 16

Time Flies When...

I always chuckle when I consider finishing that phrase (the one in my title) these days...

I've decided to change it to fit the altering moods, stages and phases of parenthood:

"Time flies whether you're having fun or not!"

I'm sitting at Panera this morning (as some of you may know Tuesday mornings are my writing/errand running/mommy time mornings) working on, well, an article I'm supposed to write for a local online publication, this blog, the book proposal that is running through my head (don't get excited here, it's running ONLY through my head...no real books on the horizon here), and large number of other thoughts, ideas and "to-do's" that are making my mind feel cluttered, my life feel a tad crazy, and my role as a mommy feel a bit frustrated and hard to balance with all of the other passions, desires and ideas that drift through this crazy abyss of a brain on a daily basis. 

So, all of this is going through my head, when the sweetest little thing happens. This woman, probably late 30's, early 40's, and her ADORABLE nine-year old daughter plop down next to me and just start chatting away like the best of friends. 

It melted my heart. 

The momma, hair done, dressed nicely, drinking coffee. Her cute little brunette, pony-tailed girl in a white button down, khaki skirt, ankle socks, loafers and what appeared to be a little silver cross on a chain dangling in front of her shirt...just sitting and chatting. 

At one point the daughter got up and left the table for a moment, so I leaned over to tell the lady how cute her daughter was and asked her age. I went on to tell her that I had two little girls at home, one almost three, the other one. 

"I feel like they'll never be that big, but I'm sure the time has gone by faster than you would have imagined," I said. 

She just rolled her eyes and smiled. "I have two. One nine and one seven. I LOVE that I can come here with her now. It's like having a talk with a great friend." 

I told her I look forward to those moments in the future to. She said what all older moms say as she was leaving a few minutes later. "Enjoy your girls." 

I'm thankful for the reminders that time goes fast, especially on the days when it seems to go so slow. I'm afraid I would be prone to wishing much of it away if the wisdom of older moms didn't continually surface to remind me to enjoy the moments. 

When I realize that Scott and I will be married seven years this year, and how fast that time has gone, I realize that Ava is going to be 9 and then 10 in the blink of an eye. 

I look forward to it, but I'm glad she's 2 1/2 today.

I love her discovery of life, of words, of new foods. I love the way she experiments with expressions and how she loves to jump off the couch.  I love reading picture books to her in bed at night and watching Curious George with her on television. 

I love how she says her prayers with me before she goes to bed and how last night she said, "And Dear God, I'm thankful for our kitchen. Mommy, does God have a kitchen?" 

I didn't have an answer just a laugh. I'm glad for all of her little moments that inspire laughter and joy in my life. 

Time is flying faster and faster. I'm convinced that with each child time ticks at a faster speed. More groceries, more laundry, more food and messes and pajamas and baths at bedtime. 

But, as I said, if time is flying whether we're having fun or not, we might as well try to have fun while we're at. We need to remind ourselves of this so that when our children are grown up we do not look back and regret all the moments we spent wishing things were different, or easier, but that we can say that we truly enjoyed, and embraced and had fun each step of the way. 

That's not to say that I'm not looking forward to a day when I can sit with Ava at Panera without fearing spilled milk or having her throw pieces of bread in my coffee, BUT it is to say that I'm glad she is who she is today and those days will come soon enough...no need to rush them now. 


  1. I love the question about if God has a kitchen! Priceless!

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Lis. I need that.


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